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  • Robert L. 3 days ago     Verified Reviewer

    We had never done a Bike & Boat tour before so were hoping it would all work out. And it did fantastically! Ours was a family trip and even our 9-year-old son completed the entire bike route no problem. Such a pleasure to be in the country biking through fields, along the river, even on narrow roads through the small towns and villages we passed through. It was an amazing way to really see the countryside and interact with local people to briefly get a glimpse of their way of life. And the scenery was beautiful and peaceful. An amazing experience for our family and we look forward to doing more trips like this in the future.

    Boat: Normandie

    Countries: Austria, Germany

  • John H. 4 days ago     Verified Reviewer

    This is a different type of tour, in that while others are on the same tour, you may or may not see them. Very independent tour. Go at your own pace, stop when you want to stop, and see what you want to see. Go from point A to point B at your own pace. Accommodations were very good at each stop. Only drawback was meal choices were not always convenient. Two on site restaurants were closed due to vacations thus food choices were up to 1.5 miles away. Minor inconvenience that was really not a big deal. Tour support was very good and only a phone call away, if needed.

    Countries: Denmark, Sweden

  • Anne Yael B. 4 days ago     Verified Reviewer

    Beautiful boat, views, trails, staff, guides. Everything was perfect. The food was outstanding. Delicious and varied. Every meal was so good. Especially the vegetarian. Very special attention to every detail. ( never twice the same dish!). The guides were so well informed and specially paying attention to every participant. We lived Croatia, the sea, the landscapes, the cities and villages. Very beautiful. Thank you

    Boat: Andela Lora

    Countries: Croatia

  • Ron B. 6 days ago     Verified Reviewer

    There were many memerable parts of this trip. The guides, the food, the carefully selected itinerary, and the comfort of our bedroom made for an excellent adventure.

    Boat: Magnifique

    Countries: Netherlands, Belgium

  • Nicky P. 1 week ago     Verified Reviewer

    What an amazing trip, boat and crew!!! This is a high end boar with great cabins and dining experience. It is most suited to people over 16, and the cycling has quite a lot of climbing at 10% incline. The company recommends e-bikes for this trip. Whilst I completely rejected the idea of an e-bike before I left, but by day 3, I had to use one due to the terrain and heat.
    The highlight apart from everything above, was our two tour guides, Toni and Willi. I have done many similar trips but both guys were beautiful, humble, informative about their country, and do passionate about their customers. If you get the opportunity to do this trip, I say - Just do it. Thanks, Team Melody

    Countries: Croatia

  • Bob R. 2 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    By far the most memorable part was the opportunity to explore regions on our own and meet new people. The ship crew was awesome and attentive, and as this was the first trip of its kind we'd ever taken, it was beyond expectations!

    Boat: Carissima

  • Elizabeth S. 2 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    Best part? Stopping along the bike route to have a coffee or beer and seeing some of the historic and memorable sites in the quaint villages along the way!

    Have an ice coffee at one of the lovely little cafes!

    Boat: Iris

  • Dean S. 2 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    The crew was second to none. Everyone took great pride in their work, especially the cook, who prepared meals to die for. We wanted to take her home with us. The guides went out of their way to make everyone happy. We really appreciated the guided tours in town each evening after dinner.

    This trip was great for a wide range of abilities. Folks who were not as strong of bikers used e-bikes which were great equalizers.

    My wife and I agree that this was one of the top vacations we've ever taken. We can't wait to go again.

    Boat: Iris

  • Joseph (Joe) S. 2 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    The crew of the Iris were all very knowledgeable and welcoming. By the end of the week I felt as though I knew each one personally and would welcome them all to my home should they travel my way. They made the trip more than worthwhile, especially when we had to ride in 100 plus degree weather. If I am to do another bike and barge trip it is this group of people that I would want as the crew.

    Boat: Iris

  • John K. 2 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    It was a lot more challenging than I had anticipated. The scenery was amazing! It would be helpful if the bikes were equipped with an odometer so that including distances to the next turn in your self guided instructions would help in making the turns without getting lost and having to backtrack to see where we went wrong. The bikes were great! The lodging was good. We have done several bike trips and I would rate this one the best of them all. You rated this trip as easy, I would say that it was the hardest one we have done, but I loved it!

    Countries: Ireland

  • Tim O. 2 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    Great riding, fantastic service on board. Unfortunately we hit a heat wave so nights were very warm. The GPS route on my phone was crucial to getting through.

    Boat: La Belle Fleur

    Countries: Germany

  • Jeffrey A. 2 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    Antonenella, our guide was awesome, as was our two helpers! We loved riding through the countryside of both France and England, it was so beautiful. This trip is highly recommended. Our group was made up of 16 people from different countries, so it made for a fun group. If you are not used to biking up hills, we recommend renting the e-bikes, because they really make this trip wonderful. There is time to enjoy the sites and sounds around you. Half our group wore biking shorts and the other half wore shorts and t-shirts. American tennis shoes are fine. Bring a padded seat cover and padded shorts, because it will help a lot. We all met for dinner each night, so bring a few nicer clothes. Bikers are provided with one small pack wit maps per couple, that attaches to handle bars. I put sanitizer, gum, money and my phone in the pack. Everyone is provided with a side pack to go on their bike. We put an extra bottle of water, lunch and jackets in the bags. Make sure you have a phone that works Read more… in Europe. Our group got split up in Paris and the sweeper, last person had to call the leader. We had one road rash incident the first day and one flat tire four days in. Our support guys picked up the couple, fixed his bike and met us up ahead. One of the ladies who did the self guided tour hit the ground with her face, but she was a trooper and finished too. My husband and I have traveled a lot, but this is the best trip ever!

    Countries: France, England

  • Kenneth H. 2 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    The crew was fabulous, all of them!

    Itinerary was excellent the food was great.

    Drinks were too expensive at the bar.

    One suggestion - smoking on the top deck - put the smokers at the back of the boat, not the front, so the rest of us don't have to smell the smoke if we choose to be on deck.

  • Craig A. 2 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    This is a trip that is not to be missed. The crew was great, the sights were jaw dropping and the memories will keep me going for a long time. Second time using Tripsite to book and the experience gets better every time. Already planning on using them for our next trip.

  • Lanette A. 2 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    This was an absolutely amazing trip which exceeded all of our expectations. The food on the Carissima was wonderful, the trip overall was so well organized and the crew was helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend this trip to others.

    Boat: Carissima

  • Kathryn K. 2 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    So many memories! Our hosts, Warren and Esther, were superb. Our routes were well thought out. We saw rolling hills and valleys and sheep and ocean. The B &B's were comfortable with hosts who went above the call of duty for our comfort.

    Countries: Scotland

  • Cindy T. 3 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    This was our first bike & boat trip and we loved it. Each day was a treat with amazing cathedrals, quaint towns, and Budapest at night was gorgeous! The ship was just as pictured, the crew was very attentive and helpful, and we enjoyed our balcony room on the top level. We were slightly concerned that we'd be the only English speaking passengers, but were up for the adventure. However, most of the crew spoke both English and German and at dinner they placed us among about 8 tables of Canadians, Americans, and others who preferred speaking English to German. Each evening, about 80% of the passengers preferred the bike tour information in German, but they provided a slide show and directions in both languages. The directions were good, an there was only one day we all were a bit lost, but it was fun. With everyone on the boat having distinctive blue panniers, it was easy to follow each other and laugh at our attempts to navigate. We still had plenty of time to see everything Read more… and get to the ship.

    As far as the bike routes, I prefer dedicated bicycle paths (not "sharrows") and loved every ride. Most were on dedicated paved paths, but some traversed through villages on very quiet roads. A few tips: Breakfast was the best meal of the day. Check your packed lunch at breakfast, which typically contained a veggie (cheese) sandwich, a cold cut sandwich, fruit, sparkling water, and a pastry. From the breakfast buffet, you can exchange the fruit and add a slice of meat to your veggie sandwich. If you don't like sparkling water, they will exchange that for bottled water at the reception desk. Dinner was good and I thought the portion size was reasonable given the four course meals (the soups were yummy!). Watch the tightness of the breaks on the bikes (the front break can launch you if you're not careful) but the bikes were in great condition. Plan ahead for your massage (which was fantastic). One came with the room and we purchased a second. We chose to skip one day of biking along the Danube, and we're pleased that we had plenty of time to bike around the town in the morning before the ship left port, get lunch, a massage, and a nap, and then bike around the new port we arrived in that afternoon.

    Thanks to all the crew on the MS Primadonna, who learned our names and favorite drinks by the second day! We miss you already.

    Boat: Primadonna

  • ALAN B. 3 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    The pedaling was easy, the landscape surreal, the beer was excellent! My wife, myself, daughter, and her boyfriend enjoyed the Austrian scenery the most. Wine country is not to be missed. The food on the boat at night was superb. Meeting people from other countries on the boat was a plus.

    Boat: Carissima

  • Mei R. 3 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    Our family had a wonderful time on the Harmonia! We were reuniting to celebrate two of our 60th birthdays and couldn't have had a better time. The common areas of the Harmonia were all lovely; our cabins were cosy, but comfortable and clean; the food was good, plentiful and healthy; our guides, Senad and Karlo, were very knowledgable, great fun and safety conscious; our e-bikes were efficient and easy to ride; and the Croatian islands are just stunning! We felt very well looked after and would definitely join another such tour in future. One of our party was not a keen rider initially but by the end of the tour was planning to do a bike tour herself! My only comment is that we didn't do quite as much riding as was advertised online, but understand that at times changes have to be made for various reasons (weather, scheduling etc). In total we rode just under 200km over six days of riding. A warning too—without an e-bike, this would be rated a difficult ride. Make Read more… sure you're fit if you don't get the e-bike as the islands are very hilly. It was easy and enjoyable on an e-bike, and you could still get a good workout by using one of the lower settings (you can ride it with the e feature turned off, on Eco, on Tour, on Sport or on Turbo). Using Eco most of the time still gives you a very good workout. We were also very appreciative of the crew giving us a special birthday dessert on our birthdays, as well as a lovely gift!

    Boat: Harmonia

    Countries: Croatia

  • Terry C. 3 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    This is the only way to do a river cruise. You are able to see and enjoy the country and at the same time stay active and get exercise. The bike paths were mostly flat, very few hills. The boat was very nice with good food and service. The highlight of the trip was entering Budapest at 10 pm. It was more than amazing. The bike guide really tried to prepare us each day for the following day bike ride, but it is easy to get lost and the maps we were given were not very clear.

    Boat: Primadonna

  • Jackie L. 3 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    My wife and I had never done a bike trip before, let alone a boat and bike one. Our South Holland Tour turned out be fabulous that way exceeded expectations. The Dutch landscape was beautiful. Our boat, Sailing Home, was charming and immaculate. A daily highlight was getting to know our fellow shipmates over dinner. And what dinners! They were of varying cuisines lovingly prepared by Eline, our Cordon Bleu-trained chef. Some random thoughts: 1) we brought our own helmets, but it was unnecessary as the boat had helmets of varying sizes, 2) I was anxious about the quality of the bicycles on board which turned out to be needless worry; our 24-speed bikes were in great condition, 3) we had no idea who our fellow travelers might be, and strangers became friends who shared email addresses at trip’s end. We’ve had multiple vacations in Asia and Europe; our South Holland Tour was one of the memorable.

    Boat: Sailing Home

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Winifred T. 3 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    Our most memorable part of the trip was riding with several other cyclists who had better directions, and hence did not get lost!!! We rode through rain and sun, cold wind and steep hills, chic coffee shops and picturesque towns together. This is a wonderful first time experience for our family.
    I'd suggest to get to know other cyclists as soon as possible and try to arrange riding together. This would make the journey more fun.

    Boat: Primadonna

  • Alicia F. 3 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    My sister, brother-in-law, and I highly recommend this tour. The views were stunning and the accommodations superb. Dobbiaco was our favorite stop with spectacular views of snow cap mountains, rivers, and UNESCO sites. A breathtaking experience!

    Countries: Italy

  • Brooks B. 3 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    Enjoyed All aspects of this Bike Tour. Thank You for all the coordination and attention to detail. We chose this as a list minute add on to a long trip to Europe and Tripsite folks worked hard to make this happen for us! We will definitely book a future Biking trip with you ASAP! Thank You!!

    Countries: Netherlands, Belgium

  • Sitaraman R. 3 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    Travel agent was very helpful with late booking.
    Hotels were excellent.
    Bike company was excellent and helpful.

  • Mimi C. 3 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    Everything was well organized on this beautiful boat and the crew was very helpful and attentive to everyone’s needs. We had a great time and would highly recommend this tour.

    Boat: Magnifique II

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Peter L. 3 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    The tour encompassed countries that had been behind the Iron Curtain post WW2. It was interesting seeing the remnants of this society that had been left unused and decaying since the fall of communism in the late 80s.There were castles perched on rocky outcrops,canal water locks featuring white water canoe courses,trains, chateaux, historic towns and an opportunity to do some bush walking.Just wonderful.

  • Margie H. 3 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    Most memorable part of the trip was expert guides who worked tirelessly to make our trip the best it could be!

  • Jeanne G. 3 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    We really enjoyed the rural countryside for our biking tour. We would bike past horses, cows, swans and goats and stop in very quaint towns. I rented a regular bike because I thought the Netherlands was very flat, there was more incline and distance than I was prepared for. I was able to borrow another guest e-bike a few days and in retrospect I should have rented one. But it also made me realize I can go to other countries that are more of a challenge, I would just rent an e-bike. We also brought our own helmets, but the ones they had on the boat looked fine. My husband brought his cycle computer which was a good idea to see our distance etc. We really enjoyed the biking tour!

    Boat: Sailing Home

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Dara W. 3 weeks ago     Verified Reviewer

    The guide book and route map for the heel of Italy tour were very detailed and informative. Each day there were highlights picked out and sites to see and additional loops to cycle that added interest
    The routes picked were along lovely rural roads as much as possible yet brought us through lovely towns and villages and we started in Materea the European city of culture this year
    Overall a very enjoyable holiday that was well organized by Tripsite and I would highly recommend these holidays

    Countries: Italy